“Leaving Anxiety Behind”

For those who want to bring back the feeling of full-fledged life.  


“Leaving Anxiety Behind”

For those who want to bring back the feeling of full-fledged life.  

Four Saturdays

Saturday classes, from 10 AM. The rest of the time will be dedicated to homework and support in closed chat.


Tests and questionnaires to define your level of anxiety, with an opportunity to examine and discuss it.


Closed Telegram group where you can communicate, support each other and get answers to your questions.

Anna Tokranovs

Psychologist, perinatal psychologist. Teacher at War Psychotrauma Institute.

Shall we get introduced?

“Leaving Anxiety Behind” therapy course will be useful for you if:

You are very, very tired of war. You have gone through numerous dramatic episodes, and now your nervous exhaustion has reached its peak.  

You feel chronic anxiety and muscle tension but cannot manage those.  

Your sensitivity to sounds and light has increased. Other people make you furious, even your friends and family.

Your sleep regime is disrupted: you have no energy for work in the daytime due to drowsiness and at night you cannot fall asleep because you are scrolling the news.

Headaches and dizziness have become more frequent; you also suffer from heart palpitations.  

You don’t see any point in all these events and look into the future without any optimism.

“Leaving Anxiety Behind” course program

Knowledge | Practice

Start – 15 September

A month of self-regulation classes that will help you stand until the end. Until our victory.

Class 1. Physiology of anxiety. How it emerges and impacts our health  

During the class you will find out where anxiety center is located, how it reacts and what it reacts to. Processes happening in your body during anxiety.

Practice. Homework.

Class 2. Biological factors of anxiety. Convictions.  Techniques of working with convictions

We’ll dig into your biological factors that have launched the anxiety. After that, we will search for automatic thoughts and work with them.

Practice. Homework.

Class 3. Difference between fear and anxiety. How your body reacts to anxiety. Body practices

We will talk about differences between fear and anxiety. What basic fears are and how your body can react to those. We’ll also perform a body practice.

Practice. Homework.

Class 4. Exposition technique. Looking anxiety in the eye. Summarizing our work

At the final class we’ll address your source of anxiety and look at the situation through different eyes. We’ll summarize our work and evaluate your state at this stage.

Summing up.

The price of program in English depends on the cost of interpreting services. Please contact the course’s author to clarify how much it can cost for you or your group of students.


For registration and payment contact Anna:

+380 68 764 74 57


Before participation, please read the Public Offer Agreement.