On psychological trauma of war

The visual for the War Trauma project is a field of red poppies. This is my metaphor for war displaying scorched soil sprinkled with bright blood. From the same soil, life grows, and the sun rises over it.


About the psychological trauma of war

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The Institute of War Psychotrauma is an educational project of psychotherapists working with mental health in extreme conditions

Ukrainian trauma therapists are unique as they manage to work amid a full-scale war that has come to their homes and with an unprecedented amount of psychological traumas.

They have been doing that every day, around the clock.

In no other country in the world have the psychologists encountered what Ukrainian trauma therapists now have to deal with

We help our compatriots in the context of war, terrorist attacks, missile strikes and bombings, explosions, military occupation, blackouts, economic crisis, and constant escalation, which deserves the closest attention from the international psychological community.

War Psychotrauma Institute is in talks with foreign colleagues about formats for sharing experiences. It is looking for funding to organize interviews wis now negotiating experience-sharing format with international colleagues. We are looking for funds to organize interviews with combatants. We have a logo, and our trademark is in registration process. A team of colleagues delivers lectures at human rights organizations, universities, and international companies.

We invite you to join.

We have been working with victims since the first day of the war in Ukraine

We organize international conferences for the exchange of experience.

We develop author’s training courses, give lectures on military, clinical, and transgenerational psychology.

We conduct individual and group psychotherapy.

We pursue our own research and collect materials via personal interviews.

We have a blog on Telegram.