Grief Therapy

A year-long psychotherapy program which will help to accept and survive the grief of losses.


Grief Therapy

A year-long psychotherapy program which will help to accept and survive the grief of losses.

12 months

During the year we’ll cover a challenging but healing path of living through and accepting grief. The basis of the course is group therapy with some other formats added.


Every month you will have four to five group sessions (depending on the number of Saturdays), one guest webinar with an invited psychotherapist, one art therapy class, and one written therapy practice.  


You’ll be among your own people – those who are living through the same experience as you. They will listen and understand, without devaluing comments. And you won’t have to justify yourself to explain why you are still hurting so much.

One year of psychotherapy:
24 February 2024 – 24 February 2025

Healing pain

Sometimes when we are trying to cope with the grief of loss ourselves it may seem that we are alone. The idea of therapy for loss-associated feelings is somewhat scary because at this moment we reach the depths of our vulnerability.

However, only manifesting your feelings sets you free.

This course won’t erase your grief but will help you to respect it

Who is this course for?

This course is for someone who has lost a person close to them or something that used to be their meaning of life. It is for you if you have a hard time telling about this but still need to share what’s inside; if you are unable to describe deep emotions but cannot suffer in silence any longer; if you have hoped until now that the internal void after loss will somehow fill out on its own but it still doesn’t happen.  

No one in the world can forbid you to live with grief. But only you can allow your wound to scar over.
Do this.

Tetiana Stanislavska, psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist

We start on 24 February 2024

And finish on 23 February 2025
so you can join anytime.

All announcements will be published in the course’s Telegram channel.


Group sessions will take place in Zoom on Saturdays at 7 PM

When the working week is over and household chores are done, you can finally have some time for yourself.  

You can recall your emotions, feel and speak them out, find the right place and words for those. You can touch your own heart and maybe also someone else’s…


A new meeting every month

My marvelous colleagues I have invited to this project are already preparing fascinating webinars on living through hard times. During the lectures you’ll be able to talk to them and get answers to your questions.

A detailed schedule of lectures is still being formed (it is hard to plan too far ahead) so please follow the updates in Telegram channel.

Art therapy

Painting and photography

We’ll offer options based on individual capacities. Somebody may have canvas and paints at hand; someone else, a smartphone camera. The medium is not as important as the visual images able to heal the traumatized world outlook.


Letters to Grief

Oh yes, this type of written psychotherapy will be a great fit for the introverts. You don’t have to say anything here as the paper will absorb all your pain.

Once every two weeks you will get an email hint: which aspect of your loss you can reflect on and write about this time. No pressure, this will be only a recommendation.

Telling about your grief is a challenge, so these hints will help you proceed.

This course is developed for Ukrainian-speaking audience. For English-speaking patients, the description is for informative purposes only. You can always request the price of a video recording or other course materials with translation into English.

Please use the provided contact details.