A Letter to Grief

Written therapy helping to accept and survive grief.


A Letter to Grief

Written therapy helping to accept and survive grief.  

12 weeks

For twelve weeks, every Monday and Thursday you get an email with hints what to write, because it is a real challenge to talk about your grief.

The presence of therapist in grief allows to share your suffering with them and not experience it on your own.

It is safe

You will finally be able to tell what happened. Without someone else’s devaluing comments, without justifications or shame. You will be able to express everything you want.  

Which language to write in? The language your grief speaks. The language you use to scream with grief. The language your wounded heart stays silent in.

It is healing

You can write only for yourself or send your texts to the email of the therapist curating your work.

That person will be reading your story attentively and asking questions. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of your trauma and survive it.  

Permanent course

Tell your story of pain or loss

Sometimes, when we cope with grief on our own, it may seem that we are lonely. The idea of writing out feelings associated with death or sadness seems scary because at that moment we reach into our depth and vulnerability.

But only expressed feelings set you free.

This course won’t erase your grief. But it will help you respect it  

This is an opportunity to tell about your pain

Who is this course for? For people with psychological traumas. For introverts who have it easier when they write instead of speaking. For those who generally have trouble talking about their feelings.

For those who has never been to a psychotherapist. For those who are not chatty by nature and are not used to sharing deep emotions but instead suffer in silence.

For those who are sure that their war traumas will somehow dissolve on their own. Even though nothing from their experiences has disappeared, instead weighs their hearts down.  

There is no one in this world who can prohibit you from living with your grief. But only you can help it skin and transform into a scar. Just do it.

Tatiana Stanislavskaya, psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist

You can join any moment

A brief instruction explaining how it works:

Stage 1.

Options, registration, and payment

After a short registration process (and payment if you’ve chosen a respective option) you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions.

Stage 2.

Hints every week, insights every day

The course lasts for twelve weeks.

Twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays) I will be sending a hint to your email: which aspect of your grief you can reflect on and write about this time. No pressure: this is just a recommendation, not a task. It is a challenge to tell about one’s grief, so these hints will help you to move on.

Stage 3.

Zoom meeting

After course completion we’ll arrange a joint meeting. We’ll discuss and sum up the process of your therapy.

You can tell yourself, me or the whole world what you went through. You can speak the language which resonates with your heart. The priority is for each word to bring you relief.

This course is developed for Ukrainian-speaking audience. For English-speaking patients, the description is for informative purposes only. You can always request the price of a video recording or other course materials with translation into English.

Please use the provided contact details.