What’s up with it?”

On sexual dysfunction during the war.


“Что с ним?”

О сексуальной дисфункции во время войны.

Once a month

Every first Saturday of the month.

Three hours

A double lecture – two lectures 1.5 hours each, plus a small break.

Two viewpoints

Body-oriented psychotherapy and sexology

Irina Khrisanfova

Body psychotherapist

Tatiana Stanislavskaya

Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist

A double lecture on sexual dysfunction – for psychologists working with the following requests:

Sexual dysfunction: reasons, diagnostics, psychotherapy.

Change of feelings towards a partner: too much aggression or on the contrary, apathy and alienation.

Consequences of combat traumas and long absence of sex – in men and women.

Masking sexual dysfunction with the help of distracting requests.

Difficulties with libido and achieving satisfaction during the contact.

Shame and guilt, inferiority complex, feeling of own worth.

Psychological discrepancies in relationships which “weren’t there before”.

Psychological exhaustion, psychosomatic consequences.

This course is developed for Ukrainian-speaking audience. For English-speaking patients, the description is for informative purposes only. You can always request the price of a video recording or other course materials with translation into English.

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