“How to survive the war?”

Acceptance of your own and somebody else’s choice, of strong feelings and personal transformations.


“How to survive the war?”

Acceptance of your own and somebody else’s choice, of strong feelings and personal transformations.

10 sessions

We’ll restore connection with ourselves and find pillars to lean on.

Wednesdays every other week, 8 to 11 PM (Kyiv time), on Zoom.

Accepting people

Work is done in warm ambience with support, acceptance of one another’s feelings and development of new connections.

Safe and confidential

A different perception

We’ll form respect towards one’s own and somebody else’s choice, without comparisons and devaluing.

Without shame, guilt, or jealousy.


6 September 2023

The previous versions of us are no more

Everything has tumbled in at once: war, losses, destruction, total uncertainty about the future. The habitual perception of oneself and the world has been destroyed, and the new one can’t manage to form because we never manage a breather among pain, suffering, and fear. We have no time to become aware of our changes but instead feel a lot of anger – at ourselves and others. How do we survive that?

Larysa Yuzmukhametova

Family psychotherapist

“How to Survive War?” therapy group will be useful if

your previous idea about the world is destroyed, you feel confused and helpless in this new cruel reality:

You are overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt for leaving Ukraine, your home, friends, family and everything you have loved so much.

You blame yourself for staying to live and work in a country at war submitting yourself and your close ones to danger.

You are irritated by both those who left and those who stayed; you compare their choices with your own and it seems to you that “you have done everything wrong”.

You are so tired of war that you stopped seeing the point in both present and future. It seems to you that nothing good will ever happen again.

You aspire for self-isolation: you don’t want to communicate with anyone, and everybody annoys you, even the closest ones.

You cannot understand your feelings anymore, except one: total anxiety. Plus grief for the killed and injured, grief for the past life lost forever.

Content of group classes in “How to Survive War?”

Knowledge | Practice

List of group therapy topics

During one session we discuss two to three topics and try four to five psychological techniques.

Block 1.


Analysis, reflection and awareness of own emotional processes. Capability to withstand uncertainty. Evening out the emotional swing. Ability to rely on previous experience. Acceptance of oneself through wishes and feelings, not thoughts. Awareness that even the strongest feelings can be survived and that they never last forever.

Block 2.


Reliance on relationships. Development of new connections. Reflection and processing of family and social projections. Receiving acceptance and support. Awareness of habitual ways in the construction of interpersonal relationships and attempts at building new ones – in safety and with the support of course hosts.

Block 3.


Testing and reliance on objective reality. Understanding of own body processes. Joy of autonomous selfhood in living life. Verbalization and observation of one’s feelings and worries in the group, work on relevant traumatic experience. Acceptance of oneself and others in traumatic events.


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