Our team has gathered psychotherapists from different countries and representatives of various directions and schools of thought

These are our people

All teachers of War Psychotrauma Institute have psychology degrees and several additional sub-specializations

Yelena Voronova Family psychologist.

Yelena Voronova

Family psychologist

Psychotherapist, psychologist Andriy Shvydkyi

Irina Khrisanfova

Bodydynamic psychotherapist

Coach, psychologist Catherine Koropachinskaya

Catherine Koropachinskaya

Coach, psychologist

Psychotherapist, lecturer Natalia Dankovych

Natalia Dankovych

Psychotherapist, lecturer

Psychologist Yana Stadil'na
Anna Tokranovs
Svetlana Butunets

Svetlana Butunets

Family psychologist

Psychologist Natalya Pluzhnikova

Natalya Pluzhnikova


Partners of the War Psychotrauma Institute

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